Tips for Playing Fish Shooting at Hi88 Super Cool – Shoot to Win

Tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 is what every gamer is looking for. Because these tips are very effective and you can make a lot of money from them. There are many good tips out there, so don’t miss this article, we will give you the best ways to play.

Shoot Fish Hi88 What is that?

Shoot Fish Hi88 đá gà is a popular entertainment game, appearing for a long time on fish shooting machines in supermarkets. In this game, players are equipped with weapons to destroy all kinds of fish. Just aim and press the button to destroy colorful fish and collect bonus coins.

To earn a lot of money, players need to destroy as many fish as possible and know tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 is very necessary. Depending on the level and regulations of each fish shooting machine, each type of fish will correspond to a separate reward level. Usually, the bigger the fish, the higher the reward.

However, to be counted as winning money, the player needs to destroy them, that is, make the fish disappear from the screen. Not only hitting the fish but not making them disappear does not count as winning.

Shoot Fish Hi88 also provides the advantages of a leading fish shooting game on the market and promises to bring the best experiences to players.

Tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 super cool

Tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 The most effective will help you get the most out of the game and get more scores. Here are the top tips you can apply:

Mustache shooting – Tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 the most effective

Use the small angled parts of the machine to rotate the barrel and fire one bullet at a time. The slow firing method helps bullets move in multiple directions and reduces bullet waste, while increasing the chance of hitting the target.

Focus on shooting 2-3 bullets for big fish instead of wasting bullets without achieving results. Spend bullets on small fish to earn higher scores.

Take advantage of the opportunity to take down fish that have been hit by bullets from opponents to effectively reduce bullet waste and increase points, especially for new players.

Tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 in a single fashion

When the fish are grouped on the screen, shooting the fish can be more effective. Aim at a target and focus on aiming to avoid distractions.

Avoid using high-powered weapons to avoid wasting ammo. Use 3-4 bullets for small fish and move on to a new target if you can’t kill them.

Ice shooting – Tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 unique

This tip helps you shoot multiple bullets at the fish at the same time. This technique is that when some bullets are shot into the wall, they will return and combine with bullets fired directly, increasing the possibility of killing fish. However, it should be noted that this technique consumes bullets, so only use it to destroy large fish when you have an abundant source of bullets.

Tips for shooting fast – slow – fast

The strategy of shooting in a fast – slow – fast rhythm is one of the tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 most effective today. In this strategy, you need to choose the right type of bullet for each shot.

When the fish appears on the screen, use bullets that are centered and shoot quickly to reduce the fish’s movement speed.

After successfully reducing movement speed, switch to another ammo type and fire slower. Prioritize using bullets with high damage to weaken the strength of the fish.

Finally, when the fish is about to leave the screen, switch to rapid shooting to quickly defeat the fish and get your reward.

Shoot like a tycoon

A popular strategy favored by many “conditional” gamers is to shoot fish continuously with 4 or 5 bullet guns. This method is suitable when facing large and crowded schools of fish. The player will quickly switch to a gun with 4 or 5 bullets and continue to shoot and move the cannon around the game screen to cover the entire school of fish. However, it should be noted that this strategy consumes bullets very quickly, so before applying, you need to consider carefully.
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Shoot in the head – Tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 invariant

To apply this strategy, players should use large bullets and aim at the heads of fish with an eating rate greater than 3. At the same time, choose schools of fish to follow in groups to increase the possibility of getting high scores. Shooting in the head requires regular practice because aiming at the right head position is not easy.

Shoot new fish that appear

Here are tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 Used by all veteran gamers. You will shoot as soon as the fish leaves the table to save time and reduce the rate of fish escaping.

Shoot small fish first

This tip can be seen as a way to “hack” the fish shooting game to exchange money. New players often focus on shooting big fish to get high bonuses, but they often ignore small fish species that can be more profitable. Instead of engrossed in shooting fish that are difficult to kill, you should focus on shooting small fish to see how effective it is.

Fish shooting experience Hi88 you need to know

After understanding the tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88, playing experience is also an important part that you need to know. Below are important experiences that you need to master:

Choose the right target: Arowanas, angelfish or sharks can bring great rewards, but they are not easy to kill. Instead of spending time and effort hunting them, a more effective tactic is to hunt schools of juvenile fish. This can lead to faster productivity and income.

Choose the right type of bullet: The most important thing is to choose the right type of bullet for each type of fish. Use bullets sparingly for small fish to avoid waste and increase bonuses. Cost versus benefit is something to consider when choosing a gun and ammo.

Accumulate experience: You should start step by step and learn each type of bullet, accumulating experience from type 1 bullets to evaluate their destructive power.

Focus on specific targets: Focus on shooting each specific target and aim for the head to achieve the best performance for each bullet. This way, shooting at the fish’s head will be easier than other positions.

Limit the use of automatic fire: Limit the use of the automatic fire function, as it is usually only useful when the player does not want to hold the gun. However, it can lead to a quick waste of money without ensuring the desired fish-killing effect. Therefore, experienced players often avoid using this automatic fire function.


Tips for playing fish shooting at Hi88 that we have introduced will definitely bring high efficiency to you. Master and apply them correctly in your games to have the opportunity to earn a lot of money from fish shooting games. Don’t forget to manage your bets carefully to avoid heavy losses.

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