Italy’s top scorer – Top names of outstanding players who won the award

Italian top scorer Which player made an impressive impression when winning the award will be answered in detail in the article below. 

Seria is one of the most attractive tournaments in the world at the club level, receiving the attention of many players. So which of the top outstanding players won the title of Italy’s top scorer and received praise from fans? All will be answered in detail by Nha cai new88 through the article below.

How is it called Italy’s top scorer? 

This is a title given to the best player in the Italian league after each season. To be honored, one must be the person who scores the most goals during 38 matches. To achieve this goal, many different factors must be met. 

First, it is the ability to score well, being able to score from many different positions and situations. Next, the Italian top scorer needs cooperation and support from teammates to create passes or assists for them to score. 

Besides, health and mental state are important factors to maintain high performance throughout the season. Finally, you have to overcome difficulties and challenges from strong teams or harsh stadiums with fiery fans. 

Top Italian top scorers in history 

Below is information about the top football players scoring the most goals in a season in Italy

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish football player 

Football fans who especially love AC Milan must be familiar with and clearly remember the face of this striker. This is a player with quite an impressive scoring record in the Italian tournament, contributing greatly and positively to the club’s achievements.

Although this striker is now 39 years old, he still shows the bravery and technique of a star with important goals for Milan. 

Italian top scorer Victor James Osimhen

This is the player who scored the most goals in the 2022-2023 season in Serie A with 26 goals in 32 appearances. With this achievement, he helped the parent team win the championship in the tournament after many years of waiting. In particular, the Nigerian star has caused many difficulties for the defense of teams in the European arena. 

If fans regularly follow the Italian tournament, they may have seen this player’s performance. He has the ability to shoot and take advantage of opportunities very well, especially in aerial situations. 

Ciro Immobile Lazio player 

This is one of the few players who plays mainly in his homeland and leaves many outstanding achievements. The Italian striker achieved the title of Italy’s top scorer in the 2021-2022 season with 27 goals. This achievement has left Inter Milan’s pursuing player Lautaro Javier Martinez far behind. 

With good performance as a striker, he has helped Lazio regain trust with fans after many years of silence and not achieving high results in the tournament. 

Ronaldo is Italy’s top scorer 

After saying goodbye to the Spanish royal team after a series of peak days to find a new challenge, CR7 decided to join Juventus. In his first season, in Italy, he became the top scorer with 29 goals. 

This season, he had to compete for the title with many other famous players such as Lukaku, Zlatan Ibrahimovic… However, with his performance and experience, he surpassed his opponents to win the individual award. . Besides, he also contributed greatly to the championship achievement of the host team. 

The great contributions of the Italian top scorer to football 

Despite winning the title for themselves, these players still have many different positive contributions:

Contribute to improving tournament quality 

With the top competition of famous football stars, it will bring the attraction of Serie A to fans. That is shown through the fierce competition on the Italian top scorer rankings each season. Next, the focus is on the confrontations between stars that bring top matches to the audience.
See :

Bring a spiritual party to fans 

The Italian tournament taking place on the weekend is a time to rest after stressful working days. Therefore, having players compete for titles will make the tournament more attractive. 

In addition, it will help the audience witness more classy and wonderful scoring situations. These include masterpieces of free kicks from long distances, or goals that only exist in movies… 

Confirming the names of Italian top scorers

It can be seen that this is the gathering place of the world’s top football stars. Therefore, many people highly appreciate that whoever wins the title of top scorer in the tournament will have a great chance of becoming a great player. 

Proofs that have happened like Ronaldo’s name are never forgotten in the hearts of fans. Or the Swedish striker, even though he is on the other side of his career, is still determined to choose the Italian football tournament as the place to play before retiring.  

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