Instructions on the Rules of Playing Four Colors Cards for Beginners

Four-Color is a popular folk game, added to the game repertoire at most online casinos. To understand how to play, follow the following article with Kubet Casino.

Participating in four-color cards online is loved by many players. In Kubet attracts hundreds of thousands of participants globally, perhaps because of the novelty and excitement that the game brings. The following article will reveal all the related information. If you are a newbie and want to try it out, you cannot miss it.

Some information about the four colors card

Before starting a new game, the first thing you need to make sure is to grasp the relevant information. Same with this form of card game, to master every game, participants clearly understand all of the data below.


Four colors card game is a familiar form of card playing in the Central and Southern regions of our country. This is a form of tam chrysanthemum, very suitable for a table of 4 participants, but only needs 2 people to start.

The cards in the deck

Completely different from other forms of entertainment, four-color card game does not use a 52-card Western deck but has its own specialized deck of cards. Therefore, to initially get acquainted, you need to understand the symbols on the cards. Usually they will be rectangular, small in length, glossy and printed with symbols on top. 

The deck has a total of 112 cards, including 7 ranks also known as 7 armies including: General, Soldier, Bishop, Rook, Cannon, Knight, Rat. It can be seen that the characters on the cards are very similar to Chinese chess. Each army will have 16 cards and divided into 4 different colors: 4 white leaves, 4 red leaves, 4 green leaves, 4 yellow leaves.

Perhaps because of this factor, the game is called four colors. In particular, the cards of generals and bishops in red and yellow and the generals and bishops in blue and white will have differences in symbols. That’s why players need to understand this so they don’t make mistakes when participating.

Detailed rules of a four-color card game for beginners

This form of card playing is quite complicated, so before starting you need to take the time to find out the information to be able to operate it easily. A game will go through the following specific stages.

Distribute the cards

Not only are there many different cards, the way the cards are dealt is also clearly different. Specifically, the way to deal four-color cards is as follows:

  • Quantity: Each member will receive 20 cards, the first player will add 1 card to 21 and is also the dealer.
  • Division round: According to clockwise rotation, this person receives 20 cards and then deals to the next person.
  • How to divide: Divide into 2 parts, one part is a separate card for each player and one part is a common card, everyone knows the value. Each member will have 4 doors corresponding to 5 cards at a time.

After everyone has received enough, the remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table, called piles. Each round, players can draw cards from the pile until they run out.

Enter an odd number 

First, the person who receives 21 cards will play the first card, called Pi (junk card). From the second person onwards in the four-color card game, there will be the following choices:

  • Do not steal cards: If the card played by the previous person can be combined with the cards in your hand to form a valid group of cards, you can steal the card. On the contrary, if you can’t win, pick a venom card. If there’s still no result, discard that card.
  • Play cards: If you can combine with the card played by the next person, you can eat and then play another card in your hand. Just turn like that in a clockwise direction until the end of the game.

The groups in the four-color card are considered valid and can be played as follows:

  • A military general.
  • 1 pair of the same rank and color.
  • 3 cards of the same rank and color.
  • 4 cards of the same rank and color.
  • 3 cards of General, Soldier, and Statue of the same color.
  • 3 rooks, cannons, and knights of the same color.
  • 3 or 4 mouse pieces of different colors.

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There will be two situations in the four-color card game that you must grasp if you want to win. Both traditional and online forms are specifically regulated as follows:

Participant comes even: If you observe that the door is empty, you need to wait for your turn or someone else’s turn in the card drawing game, which is the champion card. In addition, if you own 2 cards in an even set and can take the card your opponent has just played, you will win the suit and come.
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Waiting for odd and even numbers will end the trash cards: If the player has even or odd sets in hand, they just need to wait for 1 more suitable card and play the last black card to get to the next level. For this form of card playing, cards with even/odd values ​​will be placed in front for all members in the game to see.

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If in a four-color card game you own the following cards, you may encounter difficulties:

  • Vehicle, 2 cannons and horse
  • 2 chariots, artillery and horses
  • Vehicle, artillery and 2 horses

In the case of 2 vehicles, cannons, and knights, even if another player comes to the vehicle, you cannot win. However, if the person next to the left drives the chariot, you can use artillery and horses to win. Especially in the case of playing 1 of 2 cards at the same time the other person also has a cannon or a knight, the driver will have to pay the card. The game will end when the participant plays all the cards received first and that is the winner.

Four colors card game is quite difficult and complicated to play. If you don’t take the time to learn first, it will be difficult to get started. Realizing this, Kubet has compiled and sequentially analyzed the process of a game taking place in the article above. Hopefully this information will be useful and help you bring many wins.

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