Instructions on how to play Okvip dice to win

Xoc Dia is a special form of entertainment that many players are interested in. All bookmakers today have this extremely special type, and even the number of players is rapidly increasing. Thanks to its attractive gameplay and large bonus rate, is chosen by many people. The following Okvip I will guide you how to play Okvip coin toss to win, stay tuned!

Should you choose to play disc jockey at Okvip?

The online betting market is currently increasingly vibrant thanks to the number of bookmakers springing up like mushrooms every day. However, having so many options makes players need to find the best quality address. One of the names that you absolutely cannot ignore is Okvip, here are extremely convincing reasons you should join this address: 

The law is extremely transparent

Okvip is a bookmaker based in the Philippines and also established in the Philippines. This playground receives protection and is publicly licensed to operate by the government. To achieve this, the betting address had to go through an extremely strict censorship process. Therefore, the reputation of this playground is extremely high, there are absolutely no signs of fraud from the house, so you can have absolute peace of mind. 

Transmission speed is stable

Compared to other playgrounds in the area, the bookmaker’s access link is always in an absolutely ready state, with rare cases of being blocked, lagging or jerking. It only takes a few short seconds for players to log in to the house’s homepage. When participating in the experience, you will also quickly see the smoothness and stability of the transmission line. Okvip has spent a huge amount of money to apply technology to the playing field. 

Simple, beautiful interface

From the interface of the homepage to the game categories, everything is designed extremely perfectly, the images and sounds are especially vivid. Simplicity is also an outstanding plus point for the interface of the house’s homepage, it will not take you much time to access it. In particular, the topics are also distributed as clearly as possible. To find your favorite section, you will definitely not take much time. 

Integrated on all devices

In order to help players diversify their experiences, the house provides versions for mobile phones as well as computers. Whether you use Android or iOS operating systems, you can conveniently log in to play games. You just need to use your registered account to log in on devices without having to create many different playing accounts. 

Many great promotions

The number of promotions at the house is not small but on the contrary is extremely large, especially refund incentives for losers as well as deposit incentives. Players who share the dealer’s link on personal Facebook can also receive bonuses, up to 228k. For customers who deposit money at 7am today, at 7am the next morning you will receive money and a super large bonus. 

Detailed rules of coin toss at bookmaker Okvip 

Before instructing us to play Okvip coin toss, let’s discuss the rules of this super special game. The game has 4 pieces, each piece will include 3 white and red sides. To start betting, the player will bet on the numbers such as Over, Under, Even, Odd. Players can also choose side bets, also known as jackpots.
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After the shaking is complete, the result will be random. The dealer puts the coin in the bowl and shakes the disc. This is the perfect time to judge the outcome of the coin’s faces. The possibilities players can choose from in online coin toss include: 

  • Even door: door occurs when the coin results appear 4 red sides, 2 red sides and 2 white sides, 4 white sides.
  • Odd door: door occurs when the coins appear to have 3 red sides, 1 white side or vice versa, 3 white sides, 1 red side.
  • Over: occurs when the coins appear to have 3 or 4 sides that are all red.
  • Under: occurs when the coins appear on one red side or no red side at all.

Instructions for playing Okvip dice to win

Although coin toss is a game with an element of chance, it is not too difficult to win. You need to equip yourself with good playing methods and strategies. Here are instructions for playing Okvip coin toss for you guys:

Bridge fishing method

Picking or predicting is an extremely familiar term used to refer to predicting numbers during the process of participating in online coin toss. Through the statistics table provided by the house, you will easily know which bets return often and how. Once you have the return cycle of the coins, you will have an easier time betting. To perfectly apply this way of playing, you should study the results in the most recent coin toss game. 

Play nine green dice

Playing green nine is basically understood as playing with all your heart, you divide the amount of bet you own to play for many different bets. This is the perfect way to help you control your capital while improving your ability to win. You can completely explore the betting options and then allocate the capital you have in the most reasonable way, victory will be within your reach. 

Focus on the odd even door

When playing coin toss, the two doors that most people mention are the even and odd doors, because they have huge advantages. According to recorded data, the winning rate in these two doors is extremely high, possibly even up to 50%. However, the reward on this hand compared to the Draw bet is not high, on the contrary, playing the Tie bet brings much more risk because they rarely appear. 


Above are our instructions for playing Okvip coin toss to help quickly win. Although it just entered the market not long ago, the house has received great trust. This playground ensures transparency, quality and safety, so you absolutely should not miss it when you want to play online coin toss.

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