How to play Cat Te cards simply and accurately for beginners

Card game is a game with a relatively simple way to play, any age group can participate in the experience. However, because the game is quite new, many players still do not understand how to play sand cards and the rules of this game. So, the following content Kubet I will share the simplest way to play this card, newbies should not ignore it.

What is an overview of the card game?

To understand how to play Cat Te effectively, players must first understand what Cat Te is? This game originated and originated from India. When this game began to be introduced and gradually became popular in the Vietnamese market, the novelty in the way of playing was what attracted many people to participate in the experience.

Cat te cards in each region will have a different name such as sand te, chop numb, cach te, or sam te. Similar to other popular card games, playing Cat Te also includes 52 Western cards. In particular, the card with the highest value is A and decreases according to position to card 2 which is the smallest. The suits are calculated as follows: hearts – diamonds – diamonds – spades.

When playing cards, players will often see some basic terms such as:

  • Card: The player’s card is face down or has been pressed by another member with a larger card in the first 4 rounds. 
  • Survival: In each round, the member who holds the card gets to play last. 
  • Death of Tung: When the player is in a situation where all 4 cards are face down in the first four turns of play and another member wins Tung.
  • Thang Tung: When a player makes a move, all other members in the game will die.
  • White Win: The player owns a special set of cards. At this time, he does not need to play and can win immediately.
  • Chung: In the 5th turn, represents the action of launching troops. 

Simple way to play Cat Te cards for beginners 

The way to play Cat Te is considered relatively simple to understand, each table will have a maximum of 5 members and a minimum of 2 members. In the card game, the pieces are distinguished based on four suits: hearts, diamonds, diamonds and spades. The card with greater value and stacked together has the right to capture the opponent’s card.

In the sand te game there will be 6 rounds of play. Members will proceed to deploy their pieces in the first 4 rounds, including capturing pieces or placing them face down in case there is no larger piece to capture. Besides, before starting, each member must place a bet once.

After completing the division process, the winning member of the previous game will have the right to start round 1 in the next game. In case you are at a new table or the member who won the previous game exits, the system will randomly choose which member will go first. This is the rule in how to play sand cards. 

What are the rules of playing Cat Te card game?

If players want to understand how to play Cat Te, they need to clearly understand the rules of this game. Helps players hit more accurately and effectively. 

The law falls 

When you participate in the sand game, you will usually encounter the rule of defeat. In fact, this rule has two cases:

  • Rules for individual defeat: In the game table, there will be a number of members who will be defeated, but there will be at least 2 other members participating. At this time, the total bet will be calculated for the member who wins last. 
  • Rules of defeating the whole table: In case the whole table is defeated in that game and there is only one member left, the player will win.

White eat rule

Similar to other card games, in the way of playing cards, if any member wins white, it means you don’t have to play cards. The following provisions are some priorities: 

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  • Eating white with four quarters is the highest order 
  • Members own 6 pieces of the same quality, 2nd priority
  • Members who own 5 pieces with a value less than 6, have 3rd priority
  • In the case of the same priority, the member who holds the card with the greater value will win. If there are cards of the same priority and value, the quality will be compared to determine victory or defeat. 

Rule of Aces 

In playing cards, there is the Ace card rule, usually there will be 2 types of rewards and punishments for each member in that game:

  • Bonus: Does not apply to Chung, any player who uses an Ace card will have 1/10 of the bet added. This means that any member who gets hit directly will have 1/10 of their bet amount deducted. 
  • Penalty: The person who gets carded will be deducted 1/10 x bet x number of cards. The person with a hunchback will have 1/10 of the bet x number of cards deducted. And winnings will be subject to a 5% fee for tables of 500k and a 3% fee for tables over 500k. 


The above content is detailed information on how Play Cat Te card game. Wishing you all a fun and effective experience. 

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