Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Weapon Tier List

The recently released Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring introduces a plethora of new legendary weapons for Tarnished warriors to wield as they venture into the dark and perilous realm that lies beyond the Erdtree. These legendary arms are not only powerful tools in combat but also symbols that enrich the lore and aesthetic of the already immersive Elden Ring world. With terrifying new enemies and daunting challenges around every corner, equipping the right legendary weapon is essential for surviving and thriving in the Shadow lands.

In this tier list, we examine and rank the most noteworthy legendary weapons introduced in the Shadow of the Erdtree based on their raw power, unique abilities, viability in different playstyles, and overall impact on gameplay. Buying cheap Elden Ring items on AOEAH.COM will be key to overcoming the many perils that await in this ominous new region.

S-Tier: Black Blade of the Erdtree, Serpent Bow of Gloom, Rana’s Twin Moons

At the very top of the list are three weapons that truly stand out among their peers for their unparalleled power and versatility – the Black Blade of the Erdtree, Serpent Bow of Gloom, and Rana’s Twin Moons.

The Black Blade of the Erdtree radiates an aura of dark power. Wielded by formidable warriors, this blade deals massive physical damage with each strike. But its unique ability to curse enemies, slowly draining their health over time, is what truly sets it apart. This lets the Blade be effective in both short burst damage combats as well as longer drawn-out battles by gradually weakening foes. Its cursed property adds immense pressure and makes it a favorite of melee-focused players.

While the Black Blade excels at close quarters combat, the Serpent Bow of Gloom is supreme in ranged battles. This legendary bull comes pre-equipped with an intrinsic poison effect that weakens enemies with each hit. Combined with specialized arrows, it becomes an extremely lethal tool for picking off targets from a safe distance. Its ability to simultaneously deal damage and introduce harmful status effects gives it incredible versatility across a variety of combat scenarios.

Last but not least is Rana’s Twin Moons, an undeniably powerful spell available later in the Shadow realm. Upon activation, this ability summons two ethereal moons that crash down, dealing massive area of effect damage. The wide coverage and protection it provides makes it invaluable for maintaining space and neutralizing dangerous enemy encounters. Its raw offensive power and safety make Rana’s Twin Moons an indispensable asset for any adventurer braving the dangers that lurk within.

A-Tier: Greatsword of Radagon, Light of Mela, Poleblade of the Bud

While not quite matching the unparalleled prowess of the S-tier weapons, the next echelon of outstanding arms still stand far above their peers with remarkable strengths of their own.

The Greatsword of Radagon represents the might of the legendary general in his prime. Now wielded as paired colossal swords, players can unleash its unique ability to rain beams of light from above, decimating anything underneath. Its spectacular visual effect rivals that of some spells, yet functions as a melee skill, adding an element of surprise. Combined with high physical damage, it remains a fearsome choice.

For magic users, the Light of Mela shines as a peerless addition. Summoning columns of light from the heavens, it devastates clustered enemies with ease. Its raw destruction rivals some of the mightiest spells while retaining mobility, making it an invaluable tool against certain foes. Truly, this spell embodies Mikella’s divine power.

Lastly, the Poleblade of the Bud stands out as an exceptional weapon for those seeking a mix of range, strength and status build-up. Its passive scarlet rot enhances its lethality over extended combats. Meanwhile, its spinning butterfly ability closes gaps smoothly, giving it strength in both controlled and chaotic fights. Combined access to multiple damage types grants it remarkable versatility.

Overall, while lacking some of the overbearing abilities of S-tier contenders, these three weapons each offer their own compelling strengths and playstyles that cement their place among the cream of the legendary crop. Mastery over any one could carry a Tarnished far in their quest. If you lack Elden Ring runes for DLC, AOEAH is the best store for that.

B-Tier: Spear of the Impaler, Messer’s Orb, Rotting Putrescence Cleaver

The next set of distinguished weapons, while one tier below the top echelon, still boast noteworthy merits that make them formidable allies on the battlefield.

The Spear of the Impaler stands out for its balanced attributes. With strong base physical damage and innate fire coatings on impacts, it deals multiple damage types simultaneously. But its true strength lies in its ability to hurl the spear and have it return magically, granting versatility in tight situations. Combined with deadly combos and staggers, it retains efficacy across many engagements.

In the realm of magical arms, Messer’s Orb ascends. Charging an orb overhead before hurling it in an explosion, it packs immense destructive punch against grouped enemies. Though precision targeting is required for maximum effect, a fully charged orb unleashes cataclysmic force capable of ending many battles in an instant.

Lastly, the Rotting Putrescence Cleaver embodies the dread which permeates the Shadow lands. Adorned with haunted skulls, it dishes excellent raw strength. Yet its unique spinning ability presents risk versus grand reward potential. Overall, while risky to utilize, a successful execution can wipe out entire squads at once, highlighting both its frightening design and combat potency.

Though not without potential downsides, each weapon in this tier offers their own compelling mix of attributes. In the right hands, any one could lay low even the mightiest foes that emerge from the gloom.

C-Tier: Nightshade Dagger, Elden Tree Staff, Shadow Reaver Greatsword

Rounding out our tier list are three noteworthy weapons that, while situational, still grant power in specific combat scenarios or builds.

The Nightshade Dagger excels at swift, stealthy lethality. Its attributes lend well to hit-and-run tactics, finding weaknesses with precise strikes. For dexterity rogues, it shines as a reliable partner.

Magic builds will find synergy with the Elden Tree Staff. Though lacking flash, it bolsters magical prowess through scaling. Relying on intrinsic abilities rather than its own, it amplifies existing sorceries into formidable forces.

Last stands the hulking Shadow Reaver Greatsword. While clumsy alone, it dishes out tremendous poise damage and hyperarmor trading. In the hands of tanks, it facilitates risky play by mitigating retaliation. A stapled slot for shield-and-sword paladins in the right context.

Overall, while situational, these three arms still grant compelling strengths for dedicated builds. With specialized skills and environment awareness, any could prove a battle-swinging asset in the right scenarios.

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